Monday, October 18, 2010

Poem #30

Today we went to Applecrest Farms! The weather was beautiful, the tour guide was engaging and the donuts were scrumptious. Unfortunately, a surprise frost killed 80% of the apples last spring so we had to pick ours out of crates. None were left on the trees! And, there was one last adventure that deserved to be remembered in verse...

          Field   Trip

   We   heard   an   alarm
   It   was   a   beeping   sound
   The   bus   driver   called   the   office
   We   got   off   the   bus
   We   walked   on   the   green   grass
   A   black   crow   flew   through   the   trees
   We   did   exercises   on   the   grass
   A   truck   gave   the   bus   a   jump   start

See you tomorrow!

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