Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem #40

Wow!  The fortieth day of school already! The fortieth poem!

And, there's another reason for celebration... today's poem completes a big goal we set for ourselves: one poem for each student based on the green biographies from the beginning of the year! Yea!

Here's Jordan's poem...


   White   shiny   rocks
   He   collects

   He   goes   to   the   fireworks
   And   feels   the   sounds
   Through   his   body

   He   climbs   trees
   If   he   climbs   just   right
   He   can   grab   an   apple

Nice work everyone!

Also, important news - Parents As Reading Partners is this Friday! Come and read next to your child (or someone else's, or both) and enjoy yourself.  There will be coffee and friends and kids and lots and lots of books. Hope to see you there!

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