Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poem #57

Poets occasionally take inspiration from words or phrases they hear or discover in all sorts of unlikely places - in the ad jargon on a Cheez-It box, in words on the back of a math book, or in the title of a comic book... etc.  "Using" these words or phrases might be considered found poetry.  Toady we tried our hand at it...

     Golden Celebration

  "It's   a   lazy   Sunday,
  One   hundred   percent   sunshine,"   said   Momma.
  "Let's   have   a   golden   celebration,"   said   Bubba.
  "Just   this   once,"   said   Momma.
  Bubba   and   Momma   stood   on   the   couch
  In   their   living   room   in   Hong   Kong.
  "It's   the   last   day   of   November,"   said   Bubba.
  "Wonderful!"   said   Momma.

This poem is good for the environment - 100% Recycled Material.
Have a good night, everyone!

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