Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poem #14

Dear Families,

Hope to see you tonight at Open House!   6PM.

An alphabet chart is attached to your child's homework for his or her use at home.  In class, we use them to match letters to sounds and vice versa when we write...  There's no specific task for the alphabet chart just yet, other than finding a good spot for it at home.  Thanks!

Today we read James' biography and here's the poem we all constructed:


  Boy   Scout
  Karate   learner
  Catches   fish   like   a   crane


(The kids debated the type of bird for the last line... "what's good at catching fish?" they wondered. The other choices included a seagull and a loon.  Crane won, and we all thought "crane" and "James" sounded nice together.)

boa noite
(can you guess this one?)

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  1. Portuguese. Do you do a language curriculum sometime this year? That would be fun!
    I enjoyed the open house! Thanks for everything you do for our children!They are so so lucky!