Friday, September 24, 2010

Poem #16

Each day we choose a name from a Wizard of Oz tin can full of popsicle sticks to see whose biography we'll read and whose poem we'll write. Until today, the Oz can dispensed boys' names exclusively. The first girl's name has now been chosen!

Here she is...

    Her First Name Sounds Like Rain

  Her   first   name   sounds   like   rain
  You   can   wear   her   middle   name   like   a   necklace
  When   she   sleds   at   night
  And   gets   to   the   bottom   of   the   hill
  She   says,   "More,   more,   more!"

              Raina   Jade   Moore

Raina's poem, like all of them so far, started out with lots of ideas.  She loves milk. She has long blond hair. She doesn't make other people sad... Any or all of these ideas could have been used to write a good poem. But the idea to make a poem about Raina's name popped up. Another idea popped up too - the idea that writers sometimes discover what they're writing about in the middle of their work. In fact, one way to get an idea is to just start writing and see what happens!

Laku noć and have a good weekend!
(laku noć anyone?)

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