Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poem #3 and Some News!

First, here's today's poem:


Tackling in football
Missing the birdie
Missing the ball
Getting a strike
Hitting the ball out of the park
Digging in the dirt when I take 3rd


We discussed how a writer can make the ending of a poem the same as the beginning and give it a nice circular structure if he/she chooses.

Now, some class news - We have a class fish (it's a Betta) and today we named him... her?
"Swimmy" won out with 7 votes. The runners-up were "Flame" and "Robin Hood" with 3 votes each. So, welcome to the class, Swimmy!

In other news, we started our first science unit today. We're studying weather, which will include a big detour into the study of water.

Last, there is a schedule change. Our class now has Art on Monday at 1:30 and PE on Tuesday at 12:40.

Buenas noches!

Mr. Fleischer

PS - Also, thank you to everyone for making sure that in-class snacks are nut-free! It's going great!

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  1. Dear Mr. Fleischer,

    What a great blog! We can't wait to hear all the news and read the poems you post each day. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things going on in your classroom. Hello to all the kids and thank them for sharing with us as well!

    The Jenkins Family